Ethicare Remedies Haul Post: First Impression

Ethicare Remedies Haul Post: First Impression

Hey girls! I am doing a haul post after a long period of time, apologies for not being regular in blogging; the sole reason behind this is my exams. I don’t know when I will finish with all these studious stuffs. Coming straight to the post, as you can see this is not only a haul post, but a first impression of a highly recommended brand Ethicare Remedies. Bloggers from all over India are raving about this brand and when I got a chance to try few products I was super excited.

Ethicare Remedies is a new brand in the Indian market; they have started their journey in 2003 and have expanded their business and range of products tremendously. They have a got a wide range of skin care and hair care products. I think they have built a very pretty and informative kind of website. Over there it is super easy to browse through all the categories and the simplest task is to find a product for your skin related problems. What they have done is, they have divided the section according to the concerns like go to the particular section if you have oily skin then go to the section if you have acne problems and so on.

As I said before that they have got a huge range of products, you will find that this brand do not launch a single product instead they launch a range of products, I have chosen most of the products from Acmed Range. This range is made for people who have oily skin with acne problems. So let me show what all I have got from Ethicare Remedies.

Ethicare Remedies Haul Post: First Impression
Ethicare Remedies Haul Post: First Impression
  1. Acmed Facewash For Oily & Acne Prone Skin


This was my very first choice and I am really happy got a hold on this face cleanser. I have combination type of skin but it becomes oily in summers, previously I was using THE NATURE’S CO. LIMONCELLO but now I am really excited to try this product from Ethicare Remedies. The moment I opened the tube I was so mesmerized with its fragrance, that the very next moment I just took out a dollop of it and washed my face. It will be very son to predict its acne claim, but I will surely give you a detailed review on this very soon.

  1. Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask


This has got a very smooth and silky texture; you won’t need any rose water assistance. It will simply glide on your face. This mask has got such ingredients which are known as anti-acne agents. So I am pretty sure that it will work for me, so let us see what happens.

  1. Uvmed Tinted Sunscreen Gel


Need of an hour. I have finished my Plum grape seed & sea buck-thorn light-stay day cream and I was so badly looking for a sunscreen which is not thick. I think it is quite similar to the one I was using before; I am really looking forward to this product. My expectations are really high.

  1. Caladew Soothing And Calamine Lotion


I love calamine lotions and I think they are the best day lotions, it just keeps your skin hydrated and the best part does not impart that chalky effect.

Ethicare Remedies Haul Post: First Impression
Ethicare Remedies Haul Post: First Impression

So guys do let me know which product review you want to see at first. I think I will start with the acne range products. Do let me know if you have tried Ethicare Remedies products before, I would love to hear from you guys.Do not forget to comment below, you can find us on facebook,instagram,twitter




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