8 Best Tips to Get Ready For An Interview

In the last few years, women has started entering more and more professional fields which were then limited to men. Be it becoming an engineer, doctor, CA, IAS, IPS, etc women are doing as good as or maybe better than men in almost every professional space. And before stepping into any job one has to get through the interviews. So along with your confidence, attitude, intelligence and personality, woman! It is equally important to nail your appearance. So here are 8 best tips out there to ready yourself for a professional interview.


  1. Dress Code

Before you decide your attire for your interview it is important to find out the dress code of the company. If the company allows one to wear a skirt and if you’re comfortable in skirts then go for it. Skirts should be of knee length and always in black colour. If not that then a pair of perfectly fitting pants with a shirt and a blazer is always the best choice. Blazer and bottoms should be of the same colour.



  1. Hair.

Just simply let your hair loose or tie them in a side parted sleek bun.



  1. Jewellery.

Do not wear heavy jewellery. Also avoid jingling earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Just limit your jewellery to three pieces- wrist watch, ring, necklace or studs.



  1. Hygiene.

The last thing you want to do when you go for an interview is by going without taking a bath because obviously you don’t want to look messy or worst, smell stinky.


NEVER wear a strong perfume or deodorant to an interview. Wear something that is light and pleasant.


  1. Makeup.

Use a foundation that matches your skin colour but tones up your look. Go for light colours for your lips- nudes is the best option. Do Not paint your nails with vibrant colours. Do a French manicure by yourself or paint ‘em with neutral colours.


  1. Accessories.

Carry a moderate sized bag- not too big not too small. The colour of your bag should match the colour of your shoes.

interview_outfits_women_corporate (2)best-suit-work-wear-staples-essentials-every-business-woman-needs-classic-professional-interview-attire-mary-orton-memorandum-fashion-style-blog-8

  1. Footwear.

Wear conservative closed toe heels which match the colour of your bag. Get your foot in that office door with a great pair of heels.


  1. Confidence.

Above everything don’t forget to carry that smart personality, a great body language and a lot of confidence.


Hope these tips help you land your dream job. So All The Best!


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