Sleeveless tops and all you could do with them

Bye Bye sleeves! Here is what you could do with your sleeveless tops this season!

When the blistering summer heat gets to you and even the idea of full-sleeved shirts seems repellent, a wardrobe check is in order! Your cute sleeveless tops ought to be at top of the pile because they are all that you need to make this season feel less tiresome. We suggest you get down to some serious shopping if these summer essentials aren’t really in place. The unassuming sans sleeves top is a hit with formals and casuals. Throw in a pair of bad-ass sunglasses and delicate accessories to accompany your cute tops and let your slender arms take center-stage! Here is how the sleeveless top can save you on pretty much any occasion!


  1. Layered and sleek
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Like every other day in the office, it’s imperative to look like you mean business. So, never mess with your formals. You should go in for a sleek, refined and layered fashion solution. We don’t mean the overdone crisp shirt and tie combination. Redefine office-wear by matching an interesting layered top with camel brown flared trousers. A sleeveless blazer on top would be the ideal power symbol. Work this to perfection by including strappy stilettoes and a brilliant handbag or briefcase.


  1. You thought shorts?
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If shorts were one of the first choices that came to your mind, you’re certainly on the right track. Swing in a lovely envelope purse to complement your delicious deep-v sleeveless crop top, perfectly combined with shorts of the same shade. The intermittently perforated overskirt is a lovely add-on and will make for a picture perfect ensemble. This look is tricky as it is essentially monochromatic, but it looks nothing short of charming if you can carry it off without looking drab.


  1. You can’t halt the halter


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When you’re used to wearing the halter top you appreciate it for its sheer simplicity. The halter top is a lovely excuse to show off those impressive shoulders and accentuate your graceful neck. What’s more! Your halters can do wonders when married to an attractive long skirt. The offbeat perforated skirt or the massively popular pleated skirt is a choice that can add some quirk to your gorgeous frame. Be conscious to accessorize with heels and bags that click!


  1. Let’s match
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Casual and easy does the trick! Don’t overdo it though. Looking cute is equally important and here is how you can do it. We think that gingham checks are too on-trend to bite the dust! We present to you the perfect match; go all out for matching prints for your easygoing crop top and well-tailored pants. The enticing flash of the midriff and the glamorous appeal of high-heels will work in favor of this style hack.


  1. Definitely jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are cleverly designed to show some minimal skin and yet harbor your sensuality at the same time. Be the unconventional hipster this time and pair your bold jumpsuits with a smart, striped bra top. Braid your hair to side or away from your face, sling on a smart looking bag and gear up to be the ultimate head turner.

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