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A trend that caught your attention in 2015 is doing the rounds again. I’m referring to the super-awesome Granny Chic trend! A cute overload, heavyweight pearls and a regal sophistication that only grannies have up their sleeves, is generally what makes this trend a colossal success. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that the old-school starched skirts and the oddly-shaped clogs have an untapped sensuality hiding away behind them! Many of us have learnt a dozen tricks and tips from our darling grandmoms and now it’s time we turn to them for some priceless advice on fashion. Here are some looks that are endearing, engaging and are bound to appeal to your playful side.


  1. Mother of pearls


When was the last time you saw your gran wrap her precious pearl necklaces in an exquisite velvet case? Were you ever tempted to try them on? It’s high time that you laid your hands on them. Lustrous pearl sets, designed to make you look expensive and exclusive are just what you need to rock the granny-chic look. Go for big-sized pearl danglers and coordinate these with your uber-cool ensembles. Throw in a pair of big-framed sunglasses and make the chicest impact on onlookers.

  1. Tame your frames

An important feature of this enchanting trend, is a powerful pair of sunglasses. Oversized frames, especially the ones that sport detailed craftsmanship are the perfect accompaniments. Pair it off with a pretty bandana or head-scarf and keep your lips tinted in a pretty pink. Make sure you flaunt some exquisite jewelry while you’re at it.

  1. Betting on brooches


Diamond or pearl-encrusted brooches is the hot pre-requisite for a regal and refined touch. Here is a quickie- these brooches are here to elevate your chic quotient, so feel free to adorn these on or around your collar. Hold yourself with confidence and let your brooches do the talking!


  1. Favoring fur



Fur is power, fur is lovely, and most importantly its controversial! Before we give you a heads-up on this trend, let’s assert that its absolutely unethical to use animal fur in the fashion business. Gucci came under the scanner when its furry shoes created quite a scandal last year. Instead, we’d urge you to use faux fur. Fur wrap arounds over your corporate separates would make you look thoroughly distinctive. There is a possibility that furry shoes will not appeal to you.  Gucci heels designed with excuslive pearls around the heels may tempt you instead?

  1. Rihanna’s great granny-chic statement


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Rihanna is at perfect ease in her slouchy, baggy trousers, dotty overcoat and she’s pulled of a collected, casual look in a pair of down-to-earth sneakers. The cat-framed glasses and silver hoops have been added to give off a curious student-goer vibe, making the ensemble a clear winner!

  1. Knock it up with prim separates
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Grannies aren’t boring to say the least! But, assuredly they do have a touch of old-school in them. Indulge in the sartorial vibes of English charm, and fix yourself a knock-out ensemble featuring a straight skirt and a cool, bishop-sleeved shirt. A smart belt adorning the skirt would be a great highlight. Try a cute pair of belle sandals to play things up.

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