5 FAB TRAVEL LOOKS: traveling is more fun than you’d think!


My heart goes out to all the women who are bound to their working desks, owing to grilling corporate hours! When your friends tell you about their most recent escapades in beautiful locales, all you can do is absorb every single word with utter envy! I can completely relate to that feeling of being home bound or even worse, office bound!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this, and I’ve realized that at the end of the day, we all have a choice! So why, not ditch the laptop for a day or two, and set out to an exotic destination? If that sounds like a good idea, you must read on and check out the easy-going looks that I’ve compiled for you in this article and get an idea of two about travel dressing.Dress easy, travel light, and live big! Get on the plane, baby!

1. Indomitable in black

The monochrome look can never fade out of fashion. Especially when we are talking in terms of black. Bask in the glory of black, and create the slickest travel look, by adding a handy travel suitcase. Look enticingly sharp, by wearing your tops that are low-slung. Kim Kardashian is doing total justice to the marvelous monochrome, by wearing an all-black plunging top and leather jeggings combination.

2. A load of coat

The regular tee and jeans duo is quite a favorite. But when you’re stepping out of the airport, you’d like to put on a natty appearance, wouldn’t you? We have great choices for you by the way! Throw on a powerful bomber jacket or open-front coat, and let the magic of new places play around your presence.

3. Kick it off in a skirt

image (1)

Stripers and sunshine! What more do you need on a leisurely trip in the tropics! Sip on some Blue Lagoon, and look perfectly pretty in a bright striper top and a buttoned down, graceful skirt. Carry a roomy travel bag, put your cool aviators on and set out looking as gorgeous as you can be!

4. Hands on with hats!

image (4)

Shirt dresses look slick, and we can show you how to work them on your next vacation! Accessorize this dress, with a statement belt, a flawless Fedora hat, and some dainty trinkets. Roll up the sleeves and step out confidently in your fringed shoes for maximum impact!

5. Choose to be loose

image (7)

Let the beachy, carefree vibe wash over you, and team a light, flared crop top with slinky-slouchy pants. Top your feet with stylish leather sandals and a spacious travel bag. It’s always best to travel light, so that you can cover as many places with the least discomfort.

Travel far and wide, and add countless experiences and memories to the little kitty called ‘life’!

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*All images courtesy Pinterest
Post written by-

Mallika Chakrawarti


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