Camping with Deyor Camps

For the last few, as the people are becoming economically better, they are showing more interests towards things like adventure, tourism, etc. A lot of companies tried to come in and introduce campsites for people interested in adventure, but did not succeed because of unorganized planning. But Deyor Rooms entered the market by introducing Deyor camps in June 2015, co-founded by Dheeraj Jain and Chirag Gupta. Deyor camps are a Gurgaon based start up and has already established over 25 campsites all over India. Here is an introduction of the founders of Deyor Camps.




Dheeraj Jain is the Co-Founder and Lead Investor at Deyor Rooms, Managing Partner at Redcliffe Capital and, Value Partner at Nine River Capital. He was awarded Bharat Gaurav award at the British Parliament, UK for his contribution to global businesses under age of 35.

Jain, who is an alumnus of Cass Business School, City University London, is a Computer Science Engineer from Delhi, and currently delivers an occasional guest lecturer at City University, London.

Post the completion of his education, Dheeraj worked in the telecom engineering sector in Norway and moved to management consulting covering energy firms like British Gas, UK. His career kept soaring high and he worked with US technology giants like Cisco, Sprint and Nokia in Finland. He moved up into core Finance team at Nokia, London as Manager in 2003 and became an Associate Director in 2007, where he led and supported countless global in-house investment, divestment programs, venture capital, strategic cross border acquisition and most importantly financial planning at board room level. He left Nokia to leverage his finance and investment skills with a European LBO fund.

In past 3 years, he has played a crucial role towards structuring and financing numerous cross border acquisitions in the mining, metal, technology, security services, manufacturing, shipping, oil, and renewable power sectors all over India, USA, UK, and Africa. He is a seasoned investor and has a network of investors, banks and other financial institutes supporting on investment banking transaction done with his acumen of risk/reward and ability of business dealing.

Dheeraj Jain is a Londoner, and keeps on travelling between London, US and parts of India, supervising existing investments and developing new relationships.


Chirag Gupta is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, at the age of 23 he is the Co-founder of Deyor Rooms. An exceptional performer since school, Chirag single-handedly set up Redcliffe Capital’s office in India, and co-founded Deyor Rooms and Deyor Camps, which are valued at more than $50 million.

A B.Com (Honours) from University of Delhi, Chirag has been instrumental in real estate sales as an intern with IREO. Post which he successfully finalised 4 investments in the start-up space in India, through Redcliffe. Even at this tender age, he has been associated with NGOs like Naz Foundation, Friendicoes and Happy School Project to work for the underprivileged.

Chirag likes to spend his free time gaming with his younger brother through the PlayStation. He is an ardent fan of the English Premier League and prefers to spend holidays and Sundays with family or playing golf, cricket or basketball.



Deyor rooms are budget hotels, and one can choose from a wide range of varieties they offer. They started his service in June 2015, delivering high customer satisfaction by providing consistent quality hotel experience throughout the stay.


  • painless check-ins
  • clean linens/towels
  • hygienic washrooms
  • free Wi-Fi
  • complimentary breakfast
  • dedicated 24/7 concierge

The company that operates from Gurgaon, and has few other offices across Vaishali, Bengaluru, Udaipur and Varanasi, records every single hotel stay experience in detail and loads of data is collected to analyse and ensure an improved experience. Deyor’s frequent random audits are very strong; if they receive 3 negative feedback then that property is delisted the from the Deyor Rooms brand.



Deyor categorizes its hotels into 3 categories based on fixed pricing, location, and quality:

  • Standard experience of Deyor Blue Star hotels at INR 1,099
  • Superior experience of Deyor Red Star Hotels starting at INR 1,699
  • Premium experience of Deyor Gold Star Hotels starting at INR 2,499.

They have initially entered in the market by offering their  camps in most of the tourist places like Rishikesh, Nainital, Kufri, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala and can soon be seen in various untapped markets of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, MP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Karnataka

Not only this, the company promised to come up with new camps especially curate for INDO-PAK match fever at mcleodganj. This place is quite remote and deyor camp is ready to accommodate all the cricket lovers with best of their service.

After Deyor Camps, the camping business seemed to be lucrative. Camping has elevated in India and many corporate and individual travelers are now opting for campsites. Many organised players are now looking forward to creating campsites. Deyor rounds the clockworks on innovation around consumer experiences. Deyor has totally changed the world of tourism and adventure and has made the experience for people a memorable experience.


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