ABOUT HAIR GLOSS AND HAIR GLAZE…

Hey guys! Okay, I had a very genuinely ‘not-so-clarified’ question always, I kind of wanted to know and I don’t know but I never checked the source and destination of all answers ‘Google’ for it! But since I clarified it all thoroughly now, I should probably write about it, so that… you know, I behave like a good blogger and make it clear to you all.

Gloss v.Glaze

So, starting with this, you should know that there is not really a huge difference between these two terms- hair gloss and hair glaze. They sound a bit similar and their roles are pretty much comparable too. You will often find the hair product brands using these two terms interchangeably. So when you think of gloss the first thing that comes to the mind is luster and something shiny and also lasting. I was happy to know about the final stamp on my knowledge of it, that it was pretty much what I thought. “Glaze” whereas when I think of it, is like a smooth finish on something which is maybe a temporary coating/covering. Now relate it to the hair, and you have your answers in an instant.

  • HAIR GLAZING: there are two types- clear glaze- it has no color pigment to it which is best suited to non-colored or say, virgin hair and color glaze- is a clear color added glaze on the hair. It washes off after 8-12 shampoos. Glazes include no ammonia or peroxide, so it won’t lift off the natural color of hair or do any damage to the cuticles as such. In whole of its essence, it would just lay as a temporary layer on hair. Recommendation is that for virgin hair a need to get a shiny or lustrous coating, it is best to get hair glazed, as it is sensible to not opt for chemical glossing which for even a small amount of chemical can have a severely dramatical change. The first timers sure wouldn’t want this!!
  • glaze
  • HAIR GLOSSING: It is comparatively stronger. As it contains peroxide, which indicates that it can have a long-lasting impression on hair. If done on color treated hair it would enhance the existing shade with an added gloss and will long last keeping you off the edge of worry. Clearly, glosses come in various shades like say, in packs of L’oreal Paris hair gloss packs or Garnier naturals. It is said that gloss should be used only when actually required. People with virgin hair should avoid it if they are trying ‘not to get their hair messed up’.
  • creme gloss369548223

Well guys, this was just a bit of run down of what I could deliver to you all! There’s always more to it, and DO NOT HESITATE to have your queries cleared with your hair stylist as well.

Keep shining fellas! 🙂


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