Everything Yogurt: Dadima Ke Nuskhe

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

Rewardme is an amazing site, I have never seen such kind of site which comprises all the information at one place, and whether it’s your skin or health, this site will give you all the related tips and DIYs.

This website provides you articles useful articles on skin care, hair care, fashion tips, home décor , family bonding etc.
Of the various articles on Skin care and beauty, the article I liked most is

Everything Yogurt: Dadima Ke Nuskhe

Link to this article: https://www.rewardme.in/beauty/skin-care

I have been using yoghurt in my diet from ages; it is one which everyone likes to have it in their meal. I would not say that by reading this post I came to know about other benefits of yoghurt. I knew few of them before, but some tips were just surprising. I have never thought of using it in those ways.

I have chosen few tips from this article which were new and useful to me, you can check the entire article and list of uses any time you want here.


Yogurt hair packs:

  •  One cup of sour yogurt is all it takes to keep dandruff away. Apply and leave on for 45 minutes and rinse. Use once a week for great results.
  • To tame frizzy hair, mix 3 tbsp. of yogurt, 2 tbsp. of coconut oil and 4 tsp. of aloe vera gel till smooth. Apply and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo to get the oil out.

Personally I have tried yoghurt for dandruff before, but then I use to keep it only for 1o-15 minutes and the results were not so satisfying, this time I used it again but kept it for 45 minutes as mentioned in the article, and surprisingly it worked. You can see visible reduction in dandruff only after a single use.

The second tip is like oxygen for my hair, frizz troubles me a lot, I have used different home-remedies but none worked out for me. This recipe is unique and above all. Just remember one thing don’t use anti-dandruff shampoo after this; try to use some paraben free shampoo if possible. Next thing which I think you need to be careful off is the rinsing part don’t try to rinse off it with normal water, else you will face a hard time.

Yogurt face packs:

It not only hydrates our skin, but also helps us to get rid of acne. This article has mentioned many ways to use yoghurt for your skin but I found these two worth trying.

  • Lactic acid in yogurt not only helps with acne but also acts as a mild bleaching agent. Apply a layer of 4 tbsp. yogurt and 1 tsp. of lemon juice mixed together. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse. Do this thrice a week and see age spots fade.
  • 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 4 tbsp. of yogurt mixed together can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Do this at least 3 times a week for best results.

NOTE* I have tried each and every recipe mentioned on this blog post. They are safe to use even if you have very sensitive skin.

Thank you so much rewardme for providing such a beautiful article for our readers.

Hope to get some more useful articles like this on Rewardme


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