Follow these simple rules and win fuschia hamper full with 2 to 3 full sized products.

NOTE: Images are only for reference. GIVEAWAY open for residents of INDIA only

TO WIN you have to follow all these rules step by stepDesktop

  1. Like my facebook page (in case you haven’t) here.
  2. Like FUSCHIA’s facebook page here
  3. Follow me on twitter here @monikaaa796
  4. Share any of my blog post you like publically on facebook.
  5. Subscribe to my blog; check it on the right bottom of this page.
  6. Comment here why you should get this hamper. ( please put your comment on blog)

Additional steps in case you want to promote us.



Please make sure to send your twitter link and your email id through message on facebook.

  • There will be 4 winners selected by me and team Fuschia
  • 1 special winner who will help us the most to promote our giveaway.
  • GIFT HAMPERS will be sending by FUSCHIA directly.






  1. Great contest dear, i would love to win this hamper because i have always wanted to try fuschia products, i heard so many good things about their products by you & others….. Fuschia products are 100% paraben free products, and it is a range of handmade natural skincare products by wellknown Vkare….. And they are cruelty free….. What more than this we need from a brand & i simply adore the colorful packaging.. & Thanks fuschia for this contest, i hope to win


  2. Done all the steps .
    I have heard a lot about Fuschia products but have tried it yet , so I want to try , as I like natural and herbal products which are chemical free and are good for skin .


  3. Hello Monica, I’m a new subscriber to your blog,. so just exploring and going through the posts,… Nice posts,.. loving it… Especially the DIYs,… I will be trying out those.. this weekend,…. I would love to win this hamper as it is 100% vegetarian and natural, which is hard to digest,… I’m tired of using the costly chemical based products, so just ant to try and explore the Fuschia products.

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      1. Thank you Monika for your reply πŸ™‚ I tried the Papaya Face Pack from your blog. I don’t like papaya, I just hate its smell, but for the sake of my dark acne spots, I had tried this.. I must say it works wonders,.. I got instant glow after I washed my face. Thank you so much for the DIY Papaya Face Pack.. I will be trying it again this week,.. love you,…
        My Facebook details are:
        FB name: shilpashetty86
        Twitter name: ShettyShil

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  4. Hello Ms.gorgeous from Stay Gorgeous..Hope you are doing well.Thank you for this lovely delight giveaway in collaboration with Fuschia-one of the latest and trusted beauty brand And one of my favourites too.So,simply drooling to grab this opportunity and win one Fuschia hamper for myself. πŸ™‚
    Coming to the rules- already following both the pages since long.Subscribed to your blog.Shared not only one but more posts of yours publically on my timeline.Fab bag and Soul tree reviews are great!!

    Finally talking about why I want to get this hamper!FUSCHIA-the name itself seems to be very Fresh and rejuvenating!!First of all a big thanks to Fuschia for creating a market of handmade and skin friendly products without harsh additives and fillers and that too at such affordable prices. A big thumbs up to the entire Vkare Fuschia team.I especially want Fuschia soaps,my all time favorite as after its use the soft supple touch is what you get.So just want to try Fuschia once and then use it again and again πŸ™‚

    Love Fuschia; Love Stay Gorgeous ❀ and All the very best for the future progress πŸ™‚
    Fingers crossed Γ—Γ—


  5. done all the steps.
    shared your soul tree lipstick deep blush review which i liked the most….keep up the awesome reviews .
    finally coming to why i want the hamper…i love handmade soaps and lipbalms and i keep buying natural handmade soaps…its like an addiction you can say…since fuschia is a branded handmade natural soap and lipbalm company which girl wouldn’t want their hamper….anyways keeping my fingers crossed….
    all the best to you . keep staying gorgeous πŸ™‚
    thanks for giving a chance to participate in your awesome giveaway… have a great day.


  6. Hey Monica.. as your blog says be goorgeous… Like every girl I too want to look beautiful… I am an average looking girl… Who wish to spark with a tint of eye shadow.. eye liner lip gloss etc.. so I just love experimenting something new as my craving n quest for the best never satisfies .. that’s why I wish to win this giveaway as have never tried it. Will try n review it the best way I can if I win …. Much love to you n hope to win

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  7. Well, firstly thank you Monica for this opportunity to tell you why I want that hamper so much. So far I have always heard about Fuschia products, and trust me when I say this not a single bad review. They said the quality blows off people. If it is that good, why won’t anybody want that hamper? But I require it more. Not that I want it but I NEED it. I have tried only the lipstick the Vamp so far and it’s my favourite. I rarely find it here so I want it. Also it’s my daughter’s birthday coming soon so this is the perfect time I can shower this to her. She always complains of looking not so good so I would be happy if she is happy.
    I know this won’t make me win but I want to tell you this brand name FUSCHIA itself attracts us. It’s worth the price and it is something every girl should try.

    I hope I win this and spread the world about this so they took can remain satisfied ^_^

    No doubt I have been loving your blog :* Good Luck!
    Hope to win :’D XoxO

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  8. Hey thanks for the giveaway.

    I have never tried handmade natural products, so winning this would be a great opportunity to get my hands on these products. And yes if am happy with the products I can also recommend them to my friends and family. So I want to win this hamper to try natural, chemical free, handmade products.

    Done all the steps.
    Facebook name- Sonali Patil
    Twitter- @ sonalisj
    Email- jquery.sonali@gmail.com
    Shared article


  9. Dear Monika,

    First of all, thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
    I want to win this hamper because Fuschia’s products are free from SLS & parabens. Their products are suitable for all skin types and they contain natural ingredients which nourish our skin. I’ve read a lot of reviews on Fuschia’s products. These reviews have tempted me a lot to try out their products. I want to protect my skin during this summer season using Fuschia’s products. So, I wanna win this hamper.

    Completed all the steps !
    Facebook name: Divya Asha
    Twitter follower: @DivyaAsha
    Email subscriber: fb_asha@yahoo.com
    Shared your blogpost: https://www.facebook.com/devi.priya.712/posts/827841143963803?pnref=story


  10. Thank you very much for this giveaway..i love to win the fuschia hamper because this products made using natural giveaway..and the best part is that it is totally chemical free..Whenever i used the products,i received so many compliments ❀ I was blown away with the quality of the products..I am very impressed with this brand ❀
    Done all the steps πŸ™‚
    wish to get lucky..keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚


  11. done all step
    I love to win this natural beauty which give its natural care to my skin. no harsh chemicals to punish my body. Natural this always have tempting feeling that why I am dying for it ,so long time.
    I am trying for it on every giveaway but Fuschia never choose me. last attempt to check my luck.
    hope to be lucky
    email subscribed- goopsguji@yahoo.co.in
    twitter handler- @gurjeet_chhabra
    review share on fb- https://www.facebook.com/gurjeet.chhabra.75/posts/892599424115841?pnref=story
    fb share- https://www.facebook.com/gurjeet.chhabra.75/posts/892599740782476?pnref=story
    fb share-https://www.facebook.com/gurjeet.chhabra.75/posts/892598747449242?pnref=story
    twitter share- https://twitter.com/gurjeet_chhabra/status/602414170559111168


  12. Thanks for this awesome giveway.
    I always heard about fuchsia products but never tried but now its a wonderful opportunity to try this and I definitely want to try this tym from your side as a reward I know its very natural and handmand so no worries for acne/pimple.Thanks…..wish to win..
    Shivani karanwal
    @spiciygirl-twitter id


  13. Thnku for the awesomee giveaway…
    I never tried fuschia products..they r made with natural ingredients…soooo I’m dyeing to win these #natural #awsome #yummmyyyy products…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜˜ lip balm is just amazing…..i m in love with these products….😘😘😍😍
    Hope to win..fingers and toes r tightly crossed..😊😊
    Love u,😘😘


  14. wonderful giveaway to make me cool in such a hot summary waves, I am very eager to use Fuschia pomegranate Lip Balm which I never heard before but heard only in fuschia products only. Infacat I love fuschia as it is natural product which care like mother care N understand the need of hour. πŸ™‚ Hope OF Win such a lovely box of happiness. thax a lot.


  15. Done all the steps .
    I have heard a lot about Fuschia products but have tried it yet , so I want to try , as I like natural and herbal products which are chemical free and are good for skin .


  16. Hey Monica it’s good to see such an amazing giveaway n ur extra entry for the one who promotes the page cs every1 is not good at words.. I would love to win this hamper because as it is fuschia is a big brand now n the name is so classy n peppy. I was js about to buy fuschia soaps 1 day n saw a giveaway n took part bt unfortunately lost so it’s a bit kiddish bt since then I decided that I’ll not buy bt win it bt look at my fate iv never won it participated in 4 5 fuschia contests bt js got unlucky .
    I love to be decked up every time as ur blog says stay gorgeous now let’s see if staying gorgeous proves to be lucky for me or not..
    Done all the steps wish to b lucky this time..
    Twitr mehakarun
    Fb mehak Kohli
    Email mehakarun@gmail.com
    Insta mehak.kohli.399


  17. first of all, a massive thanks for this really productive and interesting giveaway .. it excites everyone and encourages the beauty of getting a chance on becoming gorgeous just like your blog. πŸ™‚ Well .. i have heard about Fuschia being a really successful brand these days and getting to win a hamper from this brand and from your blog will give me a chance to relate to your blog and these pure and amazing products from Fuschia. when i had read about the SLS and paraben post on your blog..it made me a bit curious as to really use one of such brand.. and just my luck that i get to participate in a giveaway which has my complete attention :p Fuschia has the quality that a girl would want for its care regime and want to share the great words for it !

    regards. πŸ™‚ hope to get through .. all the best to each and every participant as well and the blogger (Monika) :p πŸ™‚


  18. Being a regular follower of this blog I ce to know that the giveaway is being cut shot ..tried my luck n efforts till now to share n promote this page n giveaway in friends n relatives on fb n twitr ..hope my efforts don’t get unnoticed bcs of this time shortening process…wish to win this time with fuschia ….thanq..still 1 day left..
    Won’t leave this great chance to win 2 3 full sized fuschia products…doin my best


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