funky and peppy nail art

Hey girls, am back with a new nail art tutorial. Last time I have shown you how to do marble nail art, which was little tricky. I got mixed feedback, some were happy because they learned the art very clearly and they were able to draw it perfectly on to their nails. Some were upset and demanded a video tutorial on the same. It makes me feel special when you guys send mails regarding all my post. Keep sharing your views I always wait and love to hear them

I am working on video tutorial they will be up on blog soon. Till then try this new and simple nail art photo tutorial.

This time I have chosen bright orange and deep blue. I have tried to draw simple and cute hearts. You can use different shades. Hearts are simplest design; you just need a toothpick for it.


  1. Apply your favorite coloured nail paint, I have used bright orange.??????????
  2. Dip your tooth-pick from the thick side into other coloured nail paint (I have used deep blue.)DSCN0060
  3. Draw two dot with the help of toothpick, please refer the images for clear instructions??????????
  4. Take the pointed side of toothpick and draw two lines emerging from dots.??????????
  5. Fill the nail paint with help of toothpick, and your little heart is ready to go.??????????
  6. I have added some slant lines. You can add them or you can simply go with your hearts.DSCN0068
  7. Apply top-coat to seal the nail paint.??????????



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