An Ultimate Beauty Ingredient- “COCONUT OIL”

An Ultimate Beauty ingredient “COCONUT OIL” Hello beauties, This is my very first post for this blog, or you can say for any blog. I have always loved writing. I’ve discovered this passion of mine just a few months ago and I’m enjoying it. Well, another passion of mine is experimenting with various homemade beauty recipes and I hope these remedies can be of some use to you people as well. It’s so great to write for a blog that is so dedicated towards beauty and makeup. I wish this blog all the best! Well our today’s beauty ingredient is definitely available in your kitchen shelf. This amazingly beneficial, easily available and super inexpensive magic ingredient might just be the answer to all your beauty related queries! And it’s our very own, Coconut Oil. Surprised? Even I was. I have combination skin and my T-zone is super oily. I even struggled with acne so I was very skeptical to use this in my beauty regimen but now, it’s a must have for me. This not-so-popular-in-beauty-remedies- ingredient might do wonders to your skin! So stay tuned and read further to know how to use this magical oil to enhance your beauty.images

  1. As a Body scrub mix 2 table-spoon coconut oil with a spoonful of sugar. Use it as a scrub before shower for the soft and radiant skin.
  1. As a Deep Conditioner- Worried about damaged hair? Well, you don’t need to. Mix equal amount of coconut and olive oil and Massage it into your head. Now, wrap your head with a shower cap or a plastic bag for 6-7 hours. Coconut oil is best known for its penetration into hair and wrapping your head with a shower cap allows the oil to naturally heat up and penetrate deeper into your hair. Follow this routine once a week and flaunt your luscious tresses!coconut-oil-skin
  1. As an eye- makeup remover- taking out your eye makeup can be a real headache. Dab a cotton pad into coconut oil and carefully rub it around to remove even the last trace of your makeup and at the same time, to provide some nourishment to your eyes. Double benefit!
  1. As a Moisturizer- Take a few drops of coconut oil and rub it all over your body. Leave overnight to let your skin absorb all the nourishment.
  1. To get even toned skin- Well, this treatment was suggested to me by my sister and since then I’ve advised this to many people and they swear by it. This beauty regimen is most beneficial for people who struggle with their busy schedule and don’t get time to pamper their skin. All you need to do is, massage a good amount of coconut oil all over your body half an hour before you go to shower. Until then, you might want to finish your other chores. Then, simply take shower and wash away all the oil. You are going to see the difference in days! A few weeks of application and you will notice how glowing your skin has become. After a month or two, you will even see the spots disappearing. Trust me; once you are accustomed to this regimen, you are never ever going to leave it!  🙂

There are many more stick to the blog to know other remedies and wonders of coconut oil. 😀 IMAGE1, IMAGE2


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