We always desire for smooth and silky touch. Is it so difficult to have skin like our Bollywood actresses?

Well I don’t think so. You can own same smooth and silky skin like them at your home. You just need to follow a strict beauty regime “CTMPN”. What does it stands for, wait I will explain it later. Apart from the regular regime you need to have balanced diet. Please stop eating those spicy and oily food if you have acne problem, if you don’t then no remedy or crème will help you out in this world.

We often do things in a wrong way. You should be very careful whenever you are opting any cream or regime for your skin, because it is the most sensitive part of our body and we must take care of it.

If you follow this “CTMPN” regime daily then I can assure that most of your skin issues will vanish in a month. Moreover you will have smooth and supple look.


Always start with cleansing. You can use your face wash for it . But I would recommend you to try cleansing milk instead.

PROCEDURE: Take a small amount of cleansing milk on your palm, and gently massage with it for a minute. Start from your chin and move upwards via nose to your cheek. Repeat it for several times, please be careful in this stroke. Remember you need to uplift your cheek. Remove the dirt and crème with damp cotton.

AVAILABLE OPTION: Lakme, Lotus, Shahcleanse for dry skin, shahzema for oily skin.

HOME-MADE: Use raw milk with baking soda.


After cleansing, it is very necessary to clean deeply our opened pores. For which you need to do toning.

PROCEDURE: Take out small amount of toner in a cotton ball, clean your face with this dipped cotton.

AVAILABLE OPTION: Lakme, Lotus, Shahrose

HOME-MADE: Use gulabjal with 1 tbs of lime juice.


Whatever skin type you own. You should always moisturize after toning, this helps you to close the open pores.

PROCEDURE: Gently massage with it so that it can get absorbed in your skin.

AVAILABLE OPTION: Many variants are available in the market choose according to your skin type. Shahmoist for dry skin.

HOME-MADE: FOR DRY SKIN, make a paste of nivea and glycerine.


It’s the most important step, and you should never go out without wearing a sunscreen. In fact dermatologist recommends that you should apply sunscreen daily at an interval of 3 to 4 hours even if you are not going out in sun.

PROCEDURE: Mix it with your moisturizer, or simply opt for a UV shield moisturizer.

AVAILABLE OPTION: Lotus, Vaseline, Lakme etc.


Many of you must be following this routine for years. But I am pretty sure you have skipped this last step. What happens when you have studied for hours but didn’t get time to revise?? Yes same happens when you skip this step. Nourishment boosts your skin quality. It fights with all the possible signs of ageing. It helps to rejuvenate your skin and gives space for generation of new cells.

PROCEDURE: Apply night crème on a clean face, every night before you go to bed.

AVAILABLE OPTION: Any night crème from Ponds, Lakme, Loreal paris.

HOME-MADE: Take ½ spoon of any butter crème and add 1 capsule of Vitamin E. (except oily skin).

For oily skin always opt for mild crème and moisturizer. You can choose gel based sunscreens too.




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