This post is only to show you that you can do marble nail art if you keep on practicing. So without delaying have a look on this second part of MARBLE NAIL ART. You can check the previous post here.

Things you need

  1. Nail paint ( min two different colours)
  2. Toothpick
  3. Bowl full with water
  4. Top coat ( transparent)
  5. Vaseline ( or any petroleum jelly)


I have tried to explain the procedure through images, so please refer these images.

  • Pour a drop of your favorite nail colour from a very small height into the water, don’t dip the bristle.??????????
  • Pour next drop of any other colour, and keep doing this for 4 to times
  • Be quick??????????
  • Coat your finger (except nail) cuticles with Vaseline, it will help you to remove the excess nail paint from your skin.
  • take a toothpick and draw the desired shape in the water, remember start from the centre ( refer the pic)
  • Dip your nail completely into the water, and take it out after few sec.
  • blow of the water droplets from your nail( if any)??????????
  • remove the excess nail paint from cuticles with the help of ear buds??????????
  • apply top coat and let it dry??????????

Simple and sexy πŸ˜€

let me know what you think about this mix of colours πŸ™‚


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