Now a days every second girl is suffering from one or other skin issues. We don’t find any answers why this is happening to us. I guess we don’t even try to find it out; we are only busy in finding the solution. See girls, if you want to get rid of your skin related issues then you need to find its causes first. No beauty expert will proof to be helpful unless and until you know the causes.

Today I thought to help you out in a different and more scientific way. Many of you must be aware of this, but if not then try to understand and clear your doubts through comments. I will try to give answers of all your questions.


First you need to know what are the different types of skin.

  • I feel that, one who got normal skin type is the luckiest one in this world. But you will find only a fraction of people having this type of skin.
  • Normal skin generally does not have any skin problems. You won’t find any acne or dryness.
  • They are characterized by smooth, clear and supple skin.
  • You won’t find any fine lines or signs of ageing until and unless they are 35+
  • People with this skin type suffers a lot, especially with acne
  • Oily skin is acne prone, and easily breaks out.
  • They can be characterized by soft and shiny look.
  • Large open pores
  • This is worst skin type one could ever have.
  • They can be simply recognized by redness and dry flakes over the skin.
  • Dry skin is prone to rashes.
  • Most common problem with this skin type is itching and dry cracked skin.
  • No open pores
  • This most vulnerable.
  • It gets easily attacked by germs and bacteria.
  • They have open pores which easily accumulates the dirt.
  • Allergic to many elements
  • UV rays causes great damage to these.
  • Very common in Indians.
  • They can be sensitive at times.
  • Generally they have oily T-ZONE and other parts dry.
  • The can be recognized with shiny nose and dry cheeks.

Now when you know which the possible types you may have. You need to know what kind of skin you got. For this you need to follow these steps. These are easy and you can perform it at your home. Don’t worry it will not harm you by any means.


  1. Choose any mild face wash, I have chosen HIMALAYA OIL CLEAR LEMON FACE WASH. You can choose your regular face wash too, except anti-acne face wash.
  2. Rub it over your face gently. Don’t massage with it for a long time. 1 min would be enough.
  3. Rinse it off with water ( at normal temperature)
  4. Pat your face dry.
  5. Sit back and do whatever you want, just try to remain at home so that your face don’t catch any dirt.
  6. Don’t use any creme or moisturizer after the wash.
  7. Right after 1 hour of washing, take out a tissue paper and do a patch test
  8. Check your nose, forehead, cheeks and upper lips by gently pressing tissue paper over them.
  9. Do not use same sheet over different areas of your face, take out a new sheet each time.


  • If you see dirt and oily patches on all over your face , you got OILY SKIN
  • If you see dirt and oil only on T-ZONE ( i.e. nose & forehead) you got COMBINATION SKIN
  • If you see clean tissue paper then you are the luckiest one to have NORMAL SKIN
  • If you see clean paper but with some glimpse of dry flakes, you need to worry because you got DRY SKIN.
  • If your skin becomes red when you go out in the sun, and even a mild scrub brings you rashes then you have a very sensitive skin with one of the above skin type.

I hope you understood the procedure well, if still you find any difficulty then don’t hesitate to ask. You can drop your doubts on mail, comment box, Facebook page anywhere where you feel good.

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  1. i have very dry skin, prone to dry patches.. i always slather up on creams & lotions.. Hey can u do a post on skincare products which are good for dry skin.. Iam glad, if u can


    1. yes just wait for few days, actually i am starting a series for different skin type, it will comprise of home- remedies and other necessary tips regarding the particular skin.


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