Have you ever tried to make that pinkish alpenliebe strawberry toffee kind of swirl?? I love strawberries and specially that pink stain which it gives to your recipe. I have done bunches of nail art before, but this was my second time when I tried marble nail art and I guess I was pretty successful in it. I have used two different colour one is peppy pink and the other one is a base coat (white).I have tried to copy that swirl which you must have seen in alpenliebe strawberry toffee, and see its looking cute no?

What is marble nail art?

You have heard of stamps of different design, which you can use to draw different shapes on your nail. Different tools are also available these days for nail art.

Marble art is different from all these, you can try this at your home without any nail art tool. You just need these items with you, but remember one thing in this you don’t have control over the design.

Things you need

  1. Nail paint ( minimum two different colours)
  2. Toothpick
  3. Bowl full of water
  4. Top coat ( transparent)
  5. Vaseline ( or any petroleum jelly)


I have tried to explain the procedure through images, so please refer these images.

  • Pour a drop of your favorite nail colour from a very small height into the water, don’t dip the bristle.??????????
  • Pour next drop of any other colour, and keep doing this for 4 to times??????????
  • Be quick??????????
  • Coat your finger (except nail) cuticle with Vaseline, it will help you to remove the excess nail paint from your skin.
  • take a toothpick and draw the desired shape in the water, remember start from the center ( refer the pic)??????????
  • Dip your nail completely into the water, and take it out after few sec.??????????
  • blow of the water droplets from your nail( if any)??????????
  • remove the excess nail paint from cuticle with the help of ear buds??????????
  • apply top coat and let it dry??????????

You are ready to go out 🙂

please drop your comments down here 🙂



    1. just keep on trying and dont forget to follow the step, when i say drop it from a low height then i mean low height. do remember it next time 🙂 🙂 all the best


  1. Nyc wrk monica.. Keep updating me wid ur lvly creativity.. Lovd ur idea.bby pink my fav colr plus d way u hv inovated it claps fr u..


    1. thank you so much , it feels good when you are able to bring smile on your reader’s face 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope you will find my blog useful too


    2. thank you so much , it feels good when you are bring smile on your reader’s face 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope you will find my blog useful too


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