To be honest I don’t like to have facial at this stage. Now when you are not going for facial and at the same time you want a glowing skin, then you need to follow a strict beauty regime. Again I am too lazy to follow these routine.
Confused ?  What I do for my skin. Well I take out some time every weekend to pamper my skin with this mild home-made face pack.
you can go for the ready-made mask available in the market, but trust me girls the chemical free natural ingredients do wonder on your skin.
if you haven’t tried any home-made pack before then definitely you should give it a try.
Just give 5 min and you will get a soft , supple and bright skin.

INGREDIENTS : Milk, Gram flour( besan) , Tomato juice,lemon juice, Honey,Rose water (optional),Turmeric.
1. Milk (1/2 tbs)-  Provides nourishment and base for the pack, it is very important for the dry to normal skin type. If you have oily skin you can skip this and use rose-water instead, i have used both.

2. BESAN (3 tbs)- It is a gram flour which you can easily get in your kitchen, it helps to exfoliate and removes the dead skin and allows the new cells to generate.??????????

3. HONEY ( 1/4 tbs) –  Best known for giving radiant and glowing skin. I can write a single post on the goodness of honey.


4. TOMATO JUICE ( few drops)- Acts as an oil absorber. If you have oily skin then tomato juice will help you to absorb the excess oil from your face.


5. LEMON JUICE( few drops)- It acts as toner for our skin, it effectively cleans the dirt from deep pores and gives instant glow to skin.It is best known herbal bleach in this world.??????????

TURMERIC (a pinch)-  It is one of the most effective antiseptic available for us.It will help your pack to fight with germs (if any). If you have acne then this pack might give you tingling effect but don’t worry it will be all because of turmeric.??????????




Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl. please try to keep the consistency little thick because if it is runny then you wont be able to use it like face mask. You can follow the images to get an idea about the consistency.
Apply  this pack evenly on your face and neck , please avoid it near cuts and eye part.
Keep it for  10 min or until it get dries out.
Rinse it off with water.Don’t try to rub it while washing, just splash enough amount of water and rinse it by massaging in anticlockwise direction.
Don’t use soap after using this pack.????????????????????
And here you go with a glowing and radiant skin 🙂 🙂 🙂
Go and try this what are you waiting for? :p
Don’t forget to comment about this mask down here.



    1. Hey dear, Nobody can assure you to have a fairer complexion, but yes if you will use this on a regular basis you will see a noticeable difference in the quality of your skin, additionally it will help you to get rid of Tan.


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